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LAUNCH X431 Pro3

LAUNCH X431 Pro3

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  • LAUNCH X431 Pro3
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LAUNCH X431 Pro3 Description: 

Original: Original
Country: China
The LAUNCH X431 PRO3 is based on Android OS and connects via Bluetooth to the vehicle.
We are Autel authorized dealer. Purchasing from us, you will get 100% genuine, one year free update and warranty.
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LAUNCH X431 PRO3 V2.0 (Edition 2016 Lenovo Tablet)

The LAUNCH X431 PRO3 is based on Android OS and connects via Bluetooth to the vehicle. Besides the usual high diagnosis depth it has additional comprehensive functions: In combination with golo the PRO 3 performs remote diagnosis and can be converted into a convenient CRM-system incl. Social Network Service – customer management on the next level!

The LAUNCH X431 PRO3 is a new Android-based vehicle trouble diagnostic device developed for internet applications. It inherits from LAUNCH’s advanced diagnosing technology and is characterized by covering a wide range of vehicles, featuring powerful functions, and providing precise test result.
Through the Bluetooth communication between vehicle diagnostic connector and variant mobile intelligent terminals, it achieves full car model and full system vehicle trouble diagnosis, which include Reading DTCs, Clearing DTCs, Reading Data Stream, Actuation Test and Special Functions.
Meanwhile, taking advantage of mobile internet, it integrates more application and service, such as golo (Instant messaging and remote assistance), Repair Data, Business and Update etc.

LAUNCH X431 PRO3 adopts a higher performance-price ratio tablet computer, which is equipped with Android 5.1 operating system, 1.3GHz quad core CPU and 10.1” HD display.

LAUNCH X431 PRO3 Eecellent Features:

1.Tablet with high configuration
2.Built-in Social Network Service allows access to diagnostic community
3.One-click update online via Wi-Fi
4.Real-time Remote diagnosis & maintenance with golo
5.Vehicle Service Reminder:
Repair shops can receive vehicle abnormal messages and maintenance expiry information from its regular Golo customer.
6.Global Diagnostic Community:
It is dedicated to the staring of actionable data from the automotive service and repair industry to creat a global cummunity of information,through which repair shops can make on-line cummunication with customers,push messages and provide professional solutions to customers.
7.Diagnostic Expertise Service:
LAUNCH will organize an authorized and qualifiled expert team,offer live technical assistance and remote support to professinal
shop owners and technician seeking a trusted second opinion and additional expertise on various vehicle issues.

LAUNCH X431 PRO3 Vehicles Coverage:
1.America Region:
America Ford,Chrysler,GM,America Acura,America INFINITI,America Lexus

2.Europe Region:
Audi,Benz,BMW,Citroen,Dacia,Europe Ford,Fiat,Jaguar,Lancia,Landrover ,Opel,Peugeot,Porsche,
Ferrari,Martha Lahti,Maybach,Rolls Royce

3.Australia Region: Australia Ford

4.Brazil Region: Brazil GM,Brazil Fiat

5.India Region: India HM

6.Japan Region: Daihatsu,Honda,Isuzu,Mazda,Mitsubishi,Nissan,Subaru,Suzuki,Toyota

7.Korea Region: Daewoo,Hyundai,Kia,Ssangyong

8.Russia Region: GAZ,VAZ

9.China Region: SGMW,Tianjin FAW,Weili,ECUAID,LUXGEN,Xiamen Golden,XinKai,ZhongShun,Zhongxing,ZOTYE

launch x431 pro3


launch x431 pro3

launch x431 pro3

launch x431 pro3

launch x431 pro3

launch x431 pro3


LAUNCH X431 PRO3 Functions:

1. Diagnose:
Diagnose the electronic control system of prevailing vehicle models covering Asian, European, American and Chinese.
Diagnosis functions include: Read DTCs, Clear DTCs, Read Data Stream, Special Functions etc.
Specially designed for Android platform with user-friendly interface.
Via Bluetooth, it is simple for the diagnostic connector to communicate with X-431 PRO3.
Equipped with an exclusive X-431 PRO3 protective sleeve to prevent it from being damaged.
Multiple maintenance and repair functions are supported to boost shop revenue: Electronic throttle position reset/learn and gear learning etc.

2. Repair Data:
Provides a mass of service information for various vehicle models, which enables users to retrieve service data of some vehicle online.

3. golo:
This feature allows you to manage your golo customers who are bound to and assigned by repair shop. Remote assistance and instant messaging are supported.

4. Business:
This module allows you to provide online answers and solutions for the questions submitted by golo users and other repair technicians to earn extra reward points and expand your business.

5. Update:
Lets you update your diagnostic software more efficiently.

6. Browser: Built-in Wi-Fi module makes surfing on the internet freely.

7. Email: Allows you to send and receive emails.

8. Settings:
To configure your personalized X-431 PRO3 through it.

9. Other additional functions: Alarm, Calendar and Calculator etc.

LAUNCH X431 PRO3 Technical Parameters:

1.X-431 PRO3 tablet:
Operating system: Android 5.1
CPU: Quad-core 1.3GHz processor
Battery: 7000mAh rechargeable polymer lithium battery
Memory: 1GB
Storage capacity: 16GB
LCD: 10.1 inch
LCD resolution: 1280 x 800
Touch screen: Capacitive touch screen
Cameras: 5.0 mega pixels rear and 2.0 mega pixels front
Wi-Fi: Support 802.11a/b/g/h
Bluetooth: Supported
Working temperature: 0 ~ ℃45℃
Storage temperature: -20 ~ ℃70℃

2.Diagnostic Connector:
Working voltage: 9 ~18V
Average working current: About 35mA
Standby current: About 25mA
Working temperature: -20 to 55℃
Storage temperature: -30 to 70℃
Storage humidity: <80%
Working humidity: <60%

LAUNCH X431 PRO3 Accessories:

Main unit:
1x Launch X-431 PRO3 V2.0 (Edition 2016 Lenovo Tablet) Overseas Host

DBScar Connectors:
1x DBSCAR II Bluetooth diagnostic connector
1x BENZ-38 in the diagnosis of joint
1x DAEWOO-12 diagnostic connector integrated
1x AUDI-4 diagnostic connector linear
1x BENZ-14 diagnostic connector linear
1x BMW-20 diagnostic connector integrated
1x CHRYSLER-6 diagnostic connector integrated
1x DAIHATSU-4 diagnostic connector linear
1x FIAT-3 diagnostic connector linear
1x FORD-6+1 diagnostic connector integrated
1x GAZ diagnostic connector linear
1x GEELY-22 diagnostic connector integrated
1x GM/VAZ-12 diagnostic connector integrated
1x HONDA-3 diagnostic connector integrated
1x KIA-20 diagnostic connector integrated
1x MAZDA-17 diagnostic connector integrated
1x MITSUBISHI/HYUNDAI-12+16 diagnostic connector
1x NISSAN-14+16 diagnostic connector
1x SSANGYONG-14 diagnostic connector linear
1x SSANGYONG-20 diagnostic connector integrated
1x SUBARU-9 diagnostic connector integrated
1x SUZUKI-3 diagnostic connector linear
1x TOYOTA-17 diagnostic connector integrated
1x TOYOTA-22 diagnostic connector integrated
1x UNIVERSAL-3 diagnostic connector linear
1x golo EasyDiag+ overseas configuration
1x North American golo carcare configuration

Test Cable:
1x OBDⅡ-16 extension cable 900mm
1x OBD I Adaptor BOX switch wiring

1x Adapter, 5V/2A, American Standard, RoHS (Lenovo plate supporting)
1x Adapter, 5V/2A, Europe, RoHS (Lenovo plate supporting)
1x golo eco-color pages
1x golo ecological map page built
1x Universal PIN envelope (without LAUNCH)
1x X431 PIN envelope
1x X-431 PRO3 (2016 Edition) Manual (English)
1x X-431 PRO3 (2016 version) Quick Start (English)
4x Clipper fuse 5*20mm
1x Australian socket Power Conversion

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Product Reviews
LAUNCH X431 Pro3
4 , 10 customer reviews.
  by Álvaro Alatorre ,02-01-2017
Hola tengo el x431v pero dejo de trabajar ya lo reinicie pero ahora no puedo registrar mi conector me aparece que el nro. De serie no existe pero con ese # lo active me podrían ayudar? De antemano muchas gracias.
  by carlos salinas ,01-08-2017
estoy interesado en el launch x431 pro3v2 cuanto cuesta y todos sus acesoris si puede me pueden mandar todas las introduciones.
  by Narender Kumar ,12-31-2016
Send me corresponding function detail link of this
  by Amir Al Moghrabi ,11-30-2016
I am interested about X431 PRO3 V2 Arabic Ver (arabic software with picture brand of cars not name) also i need printer also i need Original Launch EasyDiag 2.0 Plus Bluetooth Scanner Code Reader for Android
  by david goldsmith ,11-12-2016
Good day I need the total south african rand amount on the launch x431 please
  by wageh ,11-02-2016
how much the express shipping will cost to saudi arabia?
  by wageh ,11-02-2016
how much the express shipping will cost to saudi arabia?
  by petr ,10-16-2016
What is the price for x 431 5c ? What is the different between x4315c pro and autel 708 or 900seris the orever they are 900 model.explain please.
  by ,10-16-2016
What is the price for x 431 5c ? What is the different between x4315c pro and autel 708 or 900seris the orever they are 900 model.explain please.
  by Cristian Aguilera ,08-19-2016
Hello A couple of months buy a scanner launch I need the Distributor Code Thank you
Reply by Admin

Hi Cristian Aguilera ,

Thanks for your inquiry and thanks for your waiting patiently.

We have replied to you by email, please kindly check.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question.

Best Regards!

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