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Autel Scanner Vehicle Monitoring Autel MaxiTrip TP100
Autel MaxiTrip TP100

Autel MaxiTrip TP100

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  • Autel MaxiTrip TP100
  • Autel MaxiTrip TP100
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Autel MaxiTrip TP100 Descripción: 

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País: China
MaxiTrip TP100 works on all 1996 and newer OBDII compliant vehicles: Gas/Diesel/Hybrid/LPG!
We are Autel authorized dealer. Purchasing from us, you will get 100% genuine, one year free update and warranty.
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MaxiTrip TP100


Works on all 1996 and newer OBDII compliant vehicles: Gas/Diesel/Hybrid/LPG!

This innovative 4-in-one automotive computer from Autel is exactly what is needed for real-time engine monitoring, failure prevention and trip tracking. The compact and intelligent gadget includes 4 most useful modes:trip computer, digital gauges, scan tool and vehicle black box.

The MaxiTrip TP100 is perfect for
● Auto enthusiasts, hobbyists and DIYers
● Rivers who care for engine performance and fuel economy
● Parents of young drivers
● Business owners

Trip Computer
The MaxiTrip TP100 is a compact automotive computer designed to monitor information about your vehicle in real time. It will display such useful information as average trip MPG, tank MPG, average speed per trip, average speed per tank of gas, miles to empty, miles driven on tank, and more.
● Maximum Speed
● Average Speed
● Driving Time
● Driving Distance
● Fuel Used
● Trip Fuel Economy
● Distance to Empty
● Time to Empty
● Fuel to Empty

Digital Gauges
The MaxiTrip TP100 can be configured to measure and monitor up to four different sets of information simulta-
neously, providing real-time engine performance analysis, allowing you to adjust driving behavior and save gas.
● Vehicle Speed (MPH)     ● Manifold Pressure     ● Battery Voltage
● Engine Load     ● Coolant Temperature     ● Throttle Position
● Intake Air Temperature     ● Ignition Timing     ● Engine Speed (RPM)
● Closed/Open Loop     ● Water Temperature      

Scan Tool

The MaxiTrip TP100 also works as a scan tool that is able to help you troubleshoot problems of all OBD2/EOBD compliant vehicles.
● Work with all 1996 and later OBDII compliant vehicles
● Read & clear trouble codes
● Easily determine  the cause of the "Check Engine Light ( MIL)"
● Turn off Check Engine Light (MIL), and reset monitors
● View freeze frame data
● Display monitor and I/M readiness status(emissions)
● Retrieve vehicle information (VIN, CIN and CVN)

Vehicle Black Box

The MaxiTrip TP100 will be able to save up to 300 hours of your driving data. It works as a vehicle black box to store every trip you make. The information it records includes:
● Time and date for each trip
● Distance travelled each trip
● Maximum speed during trip
● Time overspeed
● Number of times of deceleration limit exceeded during trip
● Number of times of acceleration limit exceeded during trip
● Hard accelerations and braking

Easy to install and 1-2-3!
● Locate your car’s OBD II connector under the dash;
● Plug the tool’s cable connector to the OBD II socket;
● Mount the main unit anywhere on the dash or console;
● Follow the menu options to operate.

MaxiTrip TP100 Package List
● MaxiTrip TP100 tool
● OBD II Cable
● USB Cable
● User’s Manual
● CD Software

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Comentarios de los productos
Autel MaxiTrip TP100
4 , 17 comentarios de clientes.
  by Jason Spurlock ,11-20-2019
Hi there! I just bought a MaxiTrip TP100 and was wondering if you could tell me where the latest software is for the TP100. I know it's been out of production for quite a while now but I would really appreciate it if you still had it. Thanks for your time! Jason
  by Michael Cecchini ,07-22-2018
I am looking for one of your vintage OBD2 scanners called "MaxiTrip", model TP100. New or good used is fine. Please help me find one. If you can't help me, what OBD2 product to you have similar to this one that sits on the dash like the TP100? I want to plug it in and leave it on the dash. Thank you.... Mike in Maryland
  by Wallace Myers ,08-11-2015
I need update firmware for the Autel MaxiTrip TP100 Please reply, Thank you, Wally Myers
  by Ed ,05-27-2015
When this will back in stock or are you getting new model? Autel MaxiTrip TP100 4-In-1 Auto Computer
Reply by Admin

Hi Ed ,

Thanks for your inquiry and thanks for your waiting patiently.

This tool is tooooo old and stop production for a long time, we don't have it now.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question.

Best Regards!

  by Le Roy Sass ,05-07-2015
Hi,I have one of these I used in a 1998 dodge mini van, I recently bought a 2006 dodge mini van, same engine etc. but I can't get the maxi trip to work properly, it will show the new vin number etc but only some of the reading appear on the screen and only for a couple of seconds. Can you give me some suggestions what to try. Can I get the latest updates or downloads for mine. Thanks in advance for your help. Le Roy
  by Corey ,10-21-2014
Definitely interested in this product for engine conversion we do on old Volkswagens. Having issues with ScanGauges :) Thanks
  by Sajman ,09-27-2014
I understand a software update is available (V1.2) to correct some of the known issues but it is not available on the Autel Web site and Iam not getting a response from the sales or tech support departments. If anyone out there has version 1.2 could you please forward it would be much appreciated.
  by Rob Lowe ,09-01-2014
Can I get an instruction manual for this product (MaxiTrip TP100) I have one and have misplaced the manual and don't remember some of the settings and how to clear them.
  by sam ,04-02-2014
I have version 1.1 is there a newer version update?
  by Derek ,10-31-2013
Hi, are you guys still selling the Maxitrip?..if yes where can I get it? Thanks
Reply by Admin

Hi Derek,

Sorry, the MaxiTrip 100 is out of stock now.



  by Charley ,10-14-2013
Could you add the latest software update, please? I know it's an older product but hosting files for your older products would really boost confidence in your newer products. Thank you.
  by joe klieber ,10-06-2013
can you give shipping quotes to canada K7K4L7 by each carrier thank you joe
  by Henry ,07-24-2013
User manual is available on your site but not the software upgrade. Could you add the latest software, please?
  by candra ,07-16-2013
do you really still have it
  by Robert Hogg ,06-03-2013
Hi; Wonder how do I get an update/upgrade for Autel Maxitrip 100
  by Robert Hogg ,06-03-2013
Hi; Wonder how do I get an update/upgrade for Autel Maxitrip 100
  by Brian Davis ,04-01-2013
how much is this tool
Reply by Admin
Dear Brian Davis,Thanks for your inquiry,The tp100 have stop production for a long time,we don't have stock now.
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